Three tips to improve your slide presentations

how to make more interesting slides

A dispiriting comment was shared by a client the other day. She said a boss called her about an upcoming meeting and said “I don’t have time to come to your presentation. Just send me your slide deck.” I was leading a workshop about ‘Presenting with Power’, and I was making the point that putting …

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Engage an audience with emotion, convince with facts

Speeches need balance between appeals to emotion and to logic

How are you on the high wire? Every speech or presentation is a tightrope act… a feat of balance. No, not the balance between lighter moment and heavier content, or between high octane presentation and a more intimate delivery. I’m talking about the balance between your appeal to logic and your appeal to emotion as …

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Presentation skills tip from Einstein

Einstein liked to talk his words out loud before he wrote them

Improve your presentation skills with this tip from Albert Einstein. Even with all his amazing brain power, there was something the 20th century genius admitted he had trouble with… writing. Einstein once said “I am the acoustic type. I learn by ear and give by word. Writing is difficult.” Yet his letters were easy to …

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How to find that ‘presence’ that gives great speakers the edge

You can have technically excellent presentation skills – but still lack presence. Unleash your authenticity and you are well on your way to finding that game-changing quality that we recognise but find hard to define – presence.

Want to be a better speaker? Can you spare 4 minutes?

focus on speaking before writing

Yes, you still write it – but only after you have tested your words on your tongue and lips and ears. Speak before you write. Try the words for size. See what they sound like. Try variations. Only when you like what you hear can you write down the words. This is writing for the voice, not the eye.