Simple tips to help refine your key message

make sure you are clear about your key message

There’s one simple key to a successful speech, presentation or media interview: have something to say. Does that sound too obvious? Well, you’d be surprised how many presentations and interviews sink without trace because the speaker hadn’t really figured out the key message she or he wanted the audience to take away with them. Be …

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Why that grand mission statement is a big turn-off

If you are hoping to get some traction in the media, or to be a hit at a speech or presentation, you need to look way beyond the mission statement. Your message needs to be about how you help people. How you make their lives better, or safer, or more fun. How you save them money, or time, or trouble. How you make their homes or their offices run more smoothly.

Making a splash with media skills

Members of the Nova Scotia synchro squad in action
Members of the Nova Scotia synchro squad train for the Canada Games

Most of our media skills clients tend to be executives, politicans or administrators. So it was a real delight to have someone different walk through the door the other day.

Members of a synchronised swim team.

The Nova Scotia squad is training hard for February’s Canada Games in Halifax. But coach Colleen Aird decided the team needed some skills beyond their swimming, athletic and artistic abilities. Because they are based in the host city for the Games, Colleen decided they needed to feel comfortable acting as ambassadors for their sport.

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