Three reasons to dump the jargon

dump that jargon

We need your help. We’re wondering if there’s a worse piece of jargon and bafflegab than the phrase we came across last week. It’s such a mind-numbingly horrible phrase that we need to creep up on it… very slowly. Let me start by asking what word or phrase you use when talking about kids who …

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Presentation skills tip from Einstein

Einstein liked to talk his words out loud before he wrote them

Improve your presentation skills with this tip from Albert Einstein. Even with all his amazing brain power, there was something the 20th century genius admitted he had trouble with… writing. Einstein once said “I am the acoustic type. I learn by ear and give by word. Writing is difficult.” Yet his letters were easy to …

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What’s the emotion you need to arouse in your audience?

what emotion do you need to arouse in your audience

Too often we forget the true objective of making a speech or giving a presentation. It’s to make your audience feel something – happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, amusement, hope, interest… any emotion you want to linger in their minds long after you’ve left the stage. Too often we give our audiences a data …

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How’s your non verbal communication?

Don’t you love TED Talks? Great presenters, great topics, and great tips for everyone who wants to be a better speaker. And now there’s some remarkable research into what makes a TED Talk so successful. I want to share some of the highlights, because it might cause you to rethink your non verbal communication. Somewhere …

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Audience participation helps make a point

Mousetrap helps keynoter get audience participation

Audience participation is an important part of effective speeches and presentations. Let’s face it, your audience is more likely to remember your message if they are actively engaged throughout the session. You don’t want them passively sitting back, arms folded and brains in neutral. So how do you encourage audience participation? You certainly need confident …

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Invisible keynote speaker challenges pros

Keynote speaker says don't forget the audience

Does a speaker always need to be centre-stage? Apparently not. At least, not if you’re Paul Bridle. Bridle, a Brit who describes himself as a ‘leadership methodologist’, was one of the main stage speakers at the Toronto convention of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. And he delivered his entire keynote from off-stage. The only …

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Quick way to better presentation skills

Try sticky storytelling to upgrade your presentation skills

Did you know that Google has developed an algorithm that will ‘translate’ a picture into words. Using it’s Neural Image Caption Generator, Google can automatically generate picture captions that accurately describe the content of images. For speakers, though, it’s still the reverse process that makes messages memorable: turn your words into images for a quick …

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Can accountants be entertaining speakers? You bet they can

by Halina St James In our public speaking training programs we tell people to simplify their language, talk as they speak, tell more stories, and avoid cluttering slides with masses of text. So what happens when a client says things like: “I’m expected to use big words, so I impress my audience.” “I’m an accountant. …

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