Don’t be a hostage to a careless introduction

Your introduction as a public speaker or presenter is too important to leave to chance. When you are sitting down to figure out how to write a speech or build a presentation, start by crafting an introduction. It will raise the whole speech to a higher level.

Active listening is key to successful communication

active listening

“We have two ears and one mouth. That is probably because listening is twice as hard as talking.” (Anonymous)
The more you listen, the better you’ll speak. Listen not only to the words spoken by the other person, but also to the tone of those words and the body language used to express them.

Why that grand mission statement is a big turn-off

If you are hoping to get some traction in the media, or to be a hit at a speech or presentation, you need to look way beyond the mission statement. Your message needs to be about how you help people. How you make their lives better, or safer, or more fun. How you save them money, or time, or trouble. How you make their homes or their offices run more smoothly.

How to hold an audience, without props or gimmicks

If you can make global economics interesting for more than an hour to a non-specialist audience, you have to be doing something right as a speaker. Hats off to Scotiabank chief economist Warren Jestin for doing just that today at a luncheon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And he did it without notes, or charts, or …

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How to cure a Zombie presenter

Don't become a zombie presenter

This is a the scary tale of the Zombie presenter – and how he got cured. For the sake of this article, I’ll make him male, although there are just as many female Zombie presenters. The Zombie presenter appears in many business presentations. The Zombie presenter is wooden. He stumbles gracelessly from one sentence to …

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Assert your way to success and health

assertive or aggressive

Time to ‘fess up. Are you assertive? Or are you aggressive? Some people think they are acting assertively when they are really being aggressive. And some people think if they assert themselves others will interpret their behaviour as aggression. There’s a world of difference between assertive and aggressive, so let’s start with a definition. Assertive …

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