Quick way to better presentation skills

Try sticky storytelling to upgrade your presentation skills

Did you know that Google has developed an algorithm that will ‘translate’ a picture into words. Using it’s Neural Image Caption Generator, Google can automatically generate picture captions that accurately describe the content of images. For speakers, though, it’s still the reverse process that makes messages memorable: turn your words into images for a quick …

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Include stories when you plan a speech

images rather than bullet points work well on slide decks

What are the stories you can tell that will help the audience connect with your speech – and remember it as they leave your meeting or auditorium? There’s a saying in the speech-making business: facts tell but stories sell. In other words, we need facts to prove our arguments, but on their own facts can …

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A little humour goes a long way to make a message stick

humour can make a message memorable

I’m old enough to remember when you went to the movies, bought your ticket, got a bag of popcorn and sat down. You sat through a few previews. Then it was time for the main attraction. You watched the film and when it ended, you threw your garbage on the floor (just like that picnic …

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Don’t be a hostage to a careless introduction

Your introduction as a public speaker or presenter is too important to leave to chance. When you are sitting down to figure out how to write a speech or build a presentation, start by crafting an introduction. It will raise the whole speech to a higher level.

Rushed delivery tells your audience you don’t care

speeches, like announcements, should not be rushed

Flight attendants rush and slur their way through them, as if they are an inconvenience they want to dispose of as quickly as possible. They massacre these announcements in French and English, Canada’s two official languages.