Gutsy decision that led to ‘I have a dream’ speech

Abandoning script led to magic of 'I have a dream'

This month saw the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King. Over the years, speakers and presentation coaches have spent hours poring over King’s speeches, analyzing the blend of sermon and poetry, noting the rhetorical devices of rhyme and repetition, and the use of metaphor. But we should remember that …

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Win your audience’s trust with authenticity

Beat the blues with authenticity

Sometimes, when we’re asked to speak or make a presentation or give a media interview, we strain to say what we think we OUGHT to say, in a way we think we OUGHT to say it. Two quotes from very different people, on very different topics, go to the heart of something anyone who speaks in …

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Four essentials for winning speeches

images rather than bullet points work well on slide decks

At the heart of all Podium Coaching sessions is something we call our Communication Mantra. It’s really simple (like all the best communications). If you want to make winning speeches, remember these four key points: Have something to say. Believe in it. Say it simply. Shut up. Have something to say. Really focus your ideas. …

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What’s the emotion you need to arouse in your audience?

what emotion do you need to arouse in your audience

Too often we forget the true objective of making a speech or giving a presentation. It’s to make your audience feel something – happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, amusement, hope, interest… any emotion you want to linger in their minds long after you’ve left the stage. Too often we give our audiences a data …

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Podium helps Toastmasters celebrate anniversary

Congratulations to the members of the Sears-Halifax Toastmasters’ Club, who celebrated their 55th anniversary at the weekend. Podium’s Neil Everton was honoured to be keynote speaker, talking about how the TalkitOut™ Technique creates better speakers. He talked about the importance of speaking the script out loud, before you write it out. Here’s part of his …

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