How speakers could benefit from a golden brain

finding happiness in public speaking

One of my favourite online personality tests is ‘Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?‘ It’s a free, fun quiz that tells you which part of your brain is dominant. Left brainers are logical, systematic, see the details, build the hardware. Right brainers are creative, free flowing, see the big picture, design the software. In …

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Farewell to a great communicator

We’re going to miss Steve Jobs. And not just because he gave us iconic devices to help us communicate. We’ll miss him for the way HE communicated. He understood that, as a presenter, HE was the show. Not his slides. So he stripped the slides down to basics. Where possible he used images rather than …

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How to avoid common slide show mistakes

how to make more interesting slides

A few weeks ago I saw the world’s worst PowerPoint slide presentation. The memory of those cluttered slides was still rattling round in my brain when it came time to make my monthly contribution to the webinar run by the International Institute for Business Analysis. And guess what the subject was: effective PowerPoints. It seems …

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