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Just reading an interesting article on LinkedIn by Sir Richard Branson. He poses the question – do you measure your worth in happiness or do you measure your worth in money?

Sir Richard points out that the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has appointed a Minister for Happiness.

And he says: “Money is a by-product of bigger, more meaningful goals such as passion, fun and wisdom. As I’ve said before, have fun, do good, and the money will come.”

At Podium we coach people in three areas people don’t regard as fun – making presentations, speaking in public, and talking to the media. In one survey, 23% of respondents said they’d rather be dead that speak in public.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Sometimes we look at those ‘formal’ occasions and the first thing we do is eliminate the possibility of fun. We psych ourselves up to be who we think we should be, rather than being content with the wonderful person we are.

As we prepare a speech or draft our interview notes, we start using language we never use in conversation with friends. We pepper our speeches with facts and figures, rather than telling stories. We even drop our voices a little, in order to be ‘serious’.

Being true to yourself is a fast-track to happiness. Finding your authentic speaking voice is at the heart of our presentation skills coaching at Podium.

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PS: Sir Richard Branson provides one of the case histories in our media skills e-book, Media Mastery. We look at his attitude to dealing with the media, in the aftermath of a fatal accident involving one of his high-speed trains.

“The media only report stupid or careless answers, not stupid or unfair questions.”

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