Teen wows speakers’ convention with Gen Y secrets

Halina St James reports from the NSA Convention in Philadelphia

Eighteen year old Philipp Riederle is to the speaking and corporate world what Justin Beiber is to millions of teenaged girls – an idol. That’s because he’s a digital guru who can help them understand Generation Y.

Riederle started his own podcast at 13. It was called My iPhone and Me, and he was soon reaching more than a million people a year. He went on to produce a live internet TV show from his parents’ basement in Germany.

Teen sensation Philipp Riederle with Halina St James in Philadelphia
Teen sensation Philipp Riederle with Halina St James in Philadelphia

Now he has become the youngest speaker ever at the National Speakers’ Association Convention. And he wowed the audience of some 1300 professional speakers.

Riederle’s speaking style is cool, calm and totally natural. It’s no easy task to address this audience of speaking pros. But we loved him because of what he gave us – he helped us understand how to reach Generation Y. Gen Y, also known as the Millennials, are those born in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

According to Riederle, his generation are big digital users. No big revelation there. But what is interesting is that he says Generation Y has more personal contact with family and friends than other generations.

Generation Y understands how to by-pass traditional ways of doing business. They understand how be a David to corporate Goliaths; their trick, he says, is to use social media to unleash a united voice.

Generation Y responds to enthusiasm and passion. So if you are passionate about what you do or are selling, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends… who will recommend you to their friends, and so on along the chain..

If you want to reach his generation, Riederle says you need to connect in a personal way. It’s all about relationship building for this generation. Meet them face-to-face. Be authentic in what you do. Build your business by building relationships. Make your customers your friends.

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