What People Are Saying

Check out what our clients are saying about the transformative power of our presentation skills training.

“Wow. Talkitout is fast, it is effective, it is fun.” - Erin Cock, Royal Bank of Canada
“You changed my life and inspired me.” Sophia Mwakagenda, Tanzania


I've had a chance to get everyone's feedback on Monday's session. Flying colours all around. Amongst the comments - ‘some of the best training I’ve ever had with the government'.
Alex Smith, ACOA
TalkItOut… allows me to connect with my audience every time I speak. It’s the best leadership investment I have ever made.
Fred Morley, VP, Greater Halifax Partnership
I went from an awkward, boring person who never thought he could speak publicly, to someone who feels confident to speak in front of any crowd in only a few short hours. It really works.
Brodie Aikman, The Phoenix Group
I make a point of speaking to each group about the external speakers we engage. Every group cites your presentation as being one of the most informative, beneficial, useful and entertaining.
Judy MacKay, People Plus Consulting
You gave me the courage to be honest and tell my story.
Faith Drinnan, The Oyster Group
If there is a word greater than AWESOME then we were about 10 feet above that. Standing ovation 4 times. Thank you very much - you were a big part of my success.
Milt Isaacs, President, ACFO
I’m still raving about your media training seminar to anyone who will listen. I think we are all changed forever.
Tiiu Poder, Saint Francis Xavier University
A big THANK YOU for the training you both provided this week.  They were truly some of the most valuable sessions I have ever participated in and quite frankly, the most entertaining. You two are a dream team.
Christy Wentzell Johnson, Nova Scotia Association of Realtors
The work we did with Podium made a real difference in our team’s ability to effectively engage with the media in our community.
Stephen Dempsey, President, Greater Halifax Partnership