Time for reflection – with gratitude

A friend of ours was asked to say grace at a large business function. She was surprised by the request because – in her words – she’s not ‘religious’. She couldn’t say no to the request, so she sat down and thought about what she really wanted to say.

What she delivered was a Reflection on Gratitude. It made me realize, as this year ends, how much we have to be grateful for. I’d like to share it with you… and thank you most sincerely for reading our blog.

Reflection on Gratitude

Shall we pause for a moment of reflection and gratitude:

May our time together be enriched by an awareness of the many blessings that are ours.

In a world where many walk alone, we are thankful for friends.

In a world where many live in fear and despair, we are blessed with hope and love.

In a world where many live in hunger, we are thankful for food.

May each of us be mindful of the rich heritage that is ours.

May we be challenged to live with integrity, and to seek justice.


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