Time to lose the tool of the devil

My clients always get a kick when I wave about a page of paper, usually part of their speech, and call it ‘the tool of the devil’.

They soon discover I’m perfectly serious. Almost all my clients laboriously write out their speeches or presentations like a school essay. In silence. For the eyes.

Once they have those written-for-the-eye words in front of them, they are condemned to read from the pages.

‘The tool of the devil’  will not allow them to lift their eyes from the page. It will not allow them to engage the audience. It makes them prisoners of the written word, not sharers of the spoken word.

Liberation lies in our TalkitOut Technique. It makes you speak your words out loud – before you commit them to paper.

If you need to follow a written page or document, TalkitOut has a unique method of writing. It’s true to your authentic voice. It  allows you to deliver about 75% of your material to the audience with your head up, not bent over reading.

The true goal of TalkitOut is to have you lose the paper completely. One of my clients was delivering a speech many times to many different audiences. The first time she used her script but still managed to present about 80% without reading.

The second time, she laid her speech on the podium, stepped away from it and wowed her audience by speaking from the heart – without  paper props.

Let us help you lose ‘the tool of the devil’ and be the speaker you were meant to be.


Halina St James, founder of Podium Coaching and creator of TalkitOut

Halina St James takes the worry out of presentations with her Present Like a Pro video training course. It’s available now from the Podium Coaching online store, together with her popular TalkitOut: From Fears to Cheers e-book and workbook.