Time to release the Power of You

‘Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.’ – Judy Garland

You are your most valuable asset. There is nobody else on this earth who thinks like you, walks like you or talks like you. Even identical twins are not 100% identical, according to scientists. So why not capitalize on this uniqueness?

The key to being a great speaker (and a success in life) is to be authentic; to be who you truly are, in any situation. Don’t try to sound or act like someone else.

  • Speak the way you always do.
  • Behave the way you normally would.
  • Don’t use gestures that are foreign to you.
  • Don’t use words that you never use on a regular basis.

Many people think they have to use big words, in complex sentences, when they speak in public. They think it helps convince the audience of their intelligence, the importance of the topic (and, sometimes, their own importance).

Some people even change their voice. Men suddenly develop deep, booming voices. Women get higher and softer. Unless that’s you in real life, don’t do this to yourself.

Be yourself. Your audience will know immediately if you’re not being authentic. You’ll lose their trust.

Why would you want to be anyone else? It’s such hard work. It’s so much easier to be yourself.

You are a wonderful gifted speaker if you just trust yourself and speak in your own true voice. It’s time to release the Power of You.

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