Tips to increase your creativity

Halina St James reports from the CAPS Convention in Montreal

What do 300 professional speakers do at a speakers’ convention? Well they certainly talk a lot. But they also share their best ideas and practices. The annual Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’ convention opened today in Montreal.

First up, Lou Heckler, a well known American speaker. He gave strategies to increase your creativity. For example, learn to turn around and look behind you.

Halina St James and Lou Heckler in Montreal
Halina St James and Lou Heckler

Heckler told the story of DeWitt Jones, the renown National Geographic photographer. DeWitt would go to great lengths to set up the perfect shot. When it was done he forced himself to turn around and look behind him. He inevitably found a better shot that way.

Heckler also told us: “Don’t just do something. Sit there.” It’s hard for creativity to flourish when you’re always active. Give yourself some time to just drift and see what happens.

Christian Paquet and Jean-Francois Martel of Acrobazia
Acrobazia in action

Besides speaking, speakers at a convention love entertainment. This convention started with an amazing balancing act called Acrobazia. Christian Paquet and Jean-Francois Martel performed breathtaking acts that defied gravity.

But this was more than acrobatics. Each pose the pair performed symbolized teamwork, trust, strength, power, balance and achievement, all cornerstones of success in just about any venture you can think of.

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