Train yourself to have the mindset of a winner

As a speaker, do you have the singular quality that unites sprinter Usain Bolt, five-times Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, and any other athlete who is consistently better than the rest?

That quality is the mindset of the winner; the clear intention to be victorious.

Top-flight athletes work hard to develop this quality. They understand that when so many of their rivals are so close to matching them in physical terms, it’s often the mental edge that clinches the win.

So – as a speaker – do you have a clear intention to win?

If you want to maximize your impact at your next presentation, think like an Olympic athlete: use the the power of intention to make a winning presentation.

Become an intentional speaker. That means more than just planning your presentation. It’s means programming your conscious mind for winning by giving it clear direction.

The easiest way to do that is to affirm and visualize. An affirmation is a simple positive statement that’s easy to remember and say. For example, “People love my message of change for the company.” Say it and think it as much as possible before your presentation.

Set this affirmation firmly in your mind by visualizing it. Use lots of detail. See the audience members, the room and yourself delivering a dynamite presentation.

Your thoughts determine your actions. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

It’s a simple concept but sometimes difficult to apply. You have to want to win badly enough do the hard work of planning, rehearsing, affirming and visualizing.

As a speaker and a presenter I’m sure you want to stand out from your colleagues and rivals. Developing the intention to win is a good way to do it.