Before and After Videos

See for yourself the transformative power of Podium Coaching’s TalkitOut approach to public speaking.

Some of our clients have generously agreed to show how their presentation styles changed after just one coaching session.

These are just some of the transformations that prompt great comments from clients… comments like – “I had never seen a technique work so well in so little time (one session). This whole experience has given me more confidence in my ability to offer presentations.”

Someone else reported “Even though I felt I was quite a good presenter before, the improvement was dramatic.”


Engaging an audience

Our client was gregarious and outgoing, but struggled to capture his authentic voice and personality in formal presentations. We helped him abandon formulaic introductions in order to better engage his audience.

Brenda's transformation

Overcoming nerves

By her own admission, our client was a very nervous public speaker. Using the TalkitOut Technique she combined stories and props with a more conversational style… and the nerves disappeared.

Making it memorable

Our client was a high-flyer in the IT world, but struggled to make technical language accessible to a non-tech audience. By finding a metaphor and telling a story we helped her deliver a memorable message.



How Podium Coaching can help you

Maybe you are already a good speaker, looking to take your presentation skills to a higher level. Or you are comfortable in front of an audience, but you have a major speech to deliver and you want make sure it’s flawless.

Our repeat clients include professional speakers, and corporate leaders with great reputations. They know the benefits of working with a coach to take their performance to the gold standard.

Perhaps you are getting called on to make more and more presentations to clients. You know that your comfort with presentations could make or break your career. We work with people who know that the route to leadership depends on differentiating themselves. They don’t want to look and sound like everyone else.

We are equally comfortable working with new speakers… people who are looking to find a way to get comfortable in front of an audience, make a connection with that audience, and deliver an effective and memorable message.