How speakers could benefit from a golden brain

One of my favourite online personality tests is ‘Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?‘ It’s a free, fun quiz that tells you which part of your brain is dominant.

Left brainers are logical, systematic, see the details, build the hardware. Right brainers are creative, free flowing, see the big picture, design the software.

In another online app, every once in a while, someone scored a ‘Golden Brain’. A Golden Brain was a person who used both hemispheres equally… the perfect blend of creative and logical.

If the late Steve Jobs had played with this App, I’ve no doubt he’d be a ‘Golden Brain’. His left hemisphere created the functionality of Apple products while the right designed the coolest look for them.

The day Steve Jobs died, I was working with some clients who called themselves heavy left brainers. Their speaking style reflected this. It was loaded with corporate jargon, convoluted constructions, multisyllabic words and way too much detail.

Yet there was such an enormous opportunity for creativity in their business. So we started exercising their right brain muscle. The first thing we did was consciously look for a creative way to get their facts across. The best way, they decided, was by storytelling.

Hooked on Story

“Stories are how we remember.
We tend to forget bullet points and lists.”

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Once they had the story, they used Podium’s Talkitout™ Technique to speak in their authentic voice. Right away their sentences became shorter, the words simpler and the message clearer. They made a powerful impact that resonated with their audience.

Making memorable presentations is not just giving your audience a left brain data dump. It’s accentuating your data strategically using the creativity of the right brain. That makes your message stick. It’s not difficult.  You just have to make a conscious effort to find creativity… to exercise your right brain.

Try reading Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind; Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future. With a little effort, you too can have a Golden Brain.