Webinar tackles communications worries

We’re helping members of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) become great communicators through monthly webinars.

Podium Coaching’s Halina St. James helps them become powerful presenters and speakers. Patricia Davies helps them become clear, concise and interesting writers. And Julian Sammy is helping them use virtual tools more successfully.  Together we’re a panel that covers all the bases of effective communication.

In our webinar for October, some of the things we talked about were:

  • how to really catch someone’s attention in an email or presentation
  • how to interrupt a dominant speaker on a conference call so you can make your point
  • how to engage your audience as a speaker
  • how to project credibility as a project leader

We’re doing the webinars on the first Tuesday of every month. Right now they are for IIBA members only. But in December, we’re opening them up to the public. You’ll be able to ask all the questions you want on speaking, writing and virtual tools. We’ll keep you posted.

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