Why self-trust beats self-confidence

At the heart of all amazing presentations is trust… in yourself. Trusting yourself, in my experience, is much more important than displaying confidence.

You can see the difference between speakers who are confident and the ones who truly trust themselves. The ones with confidence are masters of the performance; the ones who trust themselves are clear about who they are and about their values and ethics.

Where trust trumps confidence is in speaking authentically. People who trust themselves speak in their true voice regardless of whether they’re having a conversation with three people or making a presentation to three hundred.

I’ve worked with many people who are confident but who find it difficult to speak in their authentic voice; it’s as if they don’t quite trust themselves to be themselves.

Trusting yourself is at the root of being a speaker who inspires, motivates and whose message sticks. Trusting yourself allows you to speak from the heart. Audiences will respond to your authenticity and sincerity – and are more likely to trust you and remember your message.