Why you SHOULD sweat the small stuff

You SHOULD sweat the small stuff. The Ontario government is advertising for Navel Engineering Services – which suggests they want to build a better belly-button or a sweeter orange.

Spelling mistakes in ads, proposals and newsletters gnaw away at your credibility.

These great tips for avoiding embarrassment come from our friends at Daley Progress.

  • Haste makes waste. Slow down and concentrate.
  • Avoid distractions. Multi-tasking doesn’t work. Shut down your email.
  • Use the tools available. Spell checker, grammar checker, SPAM checker.
  • Double-check dates and addresses.
  • Print to proof. Your eyes will see things in print they miss on a screen.
  • Get another set of eyes. If it’s important, always ask someone else to proof for you.
  • Check links. We use links everywhere – social media, blogs, websites, newsletters, online advertising. Make sure yours work.

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