Your speaking voice must reflect the true you

When it come to speaking in public, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We are all individuals. We have different life and work experiences which make us unique. Our public speaking voice has to show this uniqueness if we want to make an impact.

All successful speakers know that to truly engage an audience, you have to form a relationship with them. And you cannot do this if you don’t speak your truth authentically. 

Most have never invested in presentations skill coaching. When they speak publicly, they either imitate someone else or they start speaking as if they were writing a school essay, using complex sentences and words they would never say out loud in the first place.

What happens is they raise the alarm in the listener that something is not right. You just don’t sound true. So why should the listener believe you? 

Today’s audiences are sophisticated. They spot insincerity immediately and respond accordingly, usually by reaching for their smart phones or looking disengaged. 

So if your career depends on presenting yourself as a confident, credible individual, get some speaking help. But make sure it will ultimately help you to be you.

TalkitOut has a proven track record. We’ve helped hundreds of people find their true voice not only in their career but in all aspect of their lives. Every time you speak, you’re speaking in public. This is a skill you want to get right.