Your story is a powerful marketing tool

What’s your story? And how will it promote your business or your organization? The story of your organization is a powerful tool for marketing, promotion, team-building and leadership.

Facts tell – but stories sell. Your facts are vital, supporting your arguments and claims. But facts are forgettable.

How do you make your facts sticky? How do you make information memorable? How do you create messages that people remember?

The answer is simple: story. Story is a foolproof tool for organizing the nuts and bolts of business into a force for change.

Stories get you noticed. If you are looking to get publicity, your most effective tool is a story. So what are your stories? Where do you find them? How do you tell them?

Hooked on Story

“Stories are how we remember.
We tend to forget bullet points and lists.”

Find out how to use stories to make your presentations memorable. Download our free "Hooked On story" booklet.

At Podium we can help you find and tell your stories. But if you’re still wondering whether storytelling can help you, you might want to check out a book called Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate with Power and Impact.

It’s written by Annette Simmons – who argues that the missing ingredient in most failed communication is humanity. That, she says, is where story comes to the rescue. Story helps you persuade, inspire and influence others when the more familiar business tools of rational, objective analysis fail.

Annette’s clients include NASA, the IRS and Microsoft. Her book is a great read, and we’re very happy to recommend it as a resource for anyone who needs to persuade others to change the way they act or think.