Youthful masters of body language

What’s more difficult than communicating with words? Communicating through ballroom dance. If you’re the leader, you need to decide which move to make, find the right beat to start the move and place your partner in an area with enough room to execute the move. You have to do this in a split second without speaking or looking at your partner.

If you’re the follower, you have to respond to the leader a fraction of a second after he’s initiated the move.You both must move as one making the dance flow effortlessly. Plus you have to look like you’re having fun. This is the real ‘body language’, a difficult communication skill to learn as an adult, never mind if you’re a kid.

Darci Ross, ten years old and Tanner Beamish, eleven, have been dancing competitively for about three years. Recently Podium’s Halina St. James was the Emcee for a fundraiser for Darci and Tanner.

As they danced, their body language was focused and intense. At their ages, they’re already well on their way to mastering body language because of their dancing. This is giving them confidence so when they have to speak, they will have a head start at becoming powerful presenters. If you want to be a memorable, confident  communicator, take some ballroom dancing lessons.

Darci and Tanner are students at the Edgett Dance Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



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